Stoke Poges United Charity


Stoke Poges United Charity was set up to help people suffering hardship or distress or who are otherwise in need. Grants can be given to individuals or to organisations set up to help groups of people. Grants are usually fulfilled by the provision of goods, services or facilities for people in need.


Help is restricted to people living in Stoke Poges plus parts of Slough adjoining the village north of the Bath Road A4, east of Farnham Road and west of Uxbridge Road including Manor Park, Stoke Wards, Upton Lea and Wexham Court.  (see Map)

The area served by the charity is shown within the red boundary line on the map below.


Grants can be given to individuals or families for such purposes as:-

  • Providing essential household appliances, furniture and equipment including bedding, clothing, fuel, heating appliances, washing machines and other household equipment
  • Paying for essential house repairs
  • Providing facilities such as the supply of tools, equipment or books or payment of fees for instruction or examinations
  • Providing help to schoolchildren for school uniform, school trips, etc. and similar help for young people in youth organisations
  • Adaptations to the homes of disabled people
  • Providing items such as medical or other aids for disabled, handicapped or infirm people
  • Providing services in the home for disabled, handicapped or infirm people (including gardening)
  • Providing facilities for disabled, handicapped or infirm people such as arrangements for a recuperative holiday or respite care to provide temporary relief for carers
  • To relieve sudden distress including travelling expenses for visiting hospital or the like.

Enquiries about help should be made to:-

Tracey Clark 0792 927 3003 


You can download the application below.

Then email the application to us.     

Alternatively, it can be sent to:

Tracey Clark

Stoke Poges United Charity

Stoke Poges Village Centre

129 Rogers Lane

Stoke Poges   SL2 4LP