Stoke Poges Hastings Community Fund

Stoke Poges Hasting Community Fund (Charity no: 206915)

This charity was formed in 2011 following the merger of the Lord Hastings Hospital Trust and the Stoke Poges Relief In Need charity. 

The fund income is to be used to help those ‘in need’ in the Parish of Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire and can be used for individuals, families or groups. Funds can be used to pay for items, services or facilities.

The Stoke Poges Hastings Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees who all have an interest in the village. Trustees come from the Parish Council, local residents, religious leaders and the health sector. 

To apply for a grant, an application form needs to be completed. The trustees will consider it on its merit against the terms and conditions of the Fund and 1 or 2 trustees may visit you to clarify your application and ensure your needs are met. 

The trustees will know of your application but it is otherwise confidential.

A grant will have no impact on any benefits you receive.

Funds can be available with little delay if necessary.

We will consider buying new equipment for kitchen, or essential furniture. 

We can contribute to the costs of non-University courses

We may be able to help clear debts.

We can make grants towards stair lifts, wheel chairs and other items to aid independence.

We can assist with school uniforms.

We can help pay for breaks for carers.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please download the application form (link below) or complete online form.